Meow - The Cat Sound Tracker

Tracks Meows and Purrs
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Ever wondered about your cat's MPM (meows per minute)? Using a state-of-the-art sound machine learning model, 'Meow' is able to filter out cat sounds from loud environments and other animals. You just have to open the app to start tracking. It will continue tracking, while the app is in the background.

'Meow' is your personal cat tracker. It helps you to track a variety of your cat's vocal activity, like meows, purrs, and other sounds.

'Meow' stores all recorded data on your device, where you can review it later, to find patterns in your pet's behavior. Through a detailed 24 hours and 30 days chart, you can gain insights and see when your feline is the most active.

Take videos of your cat right inside the app, to share with others how often it meows.

'Meow' automatically synchronizes recorded data with all of your devices. This is especially useful when you are not at home and want to stay up-to-date about your cat's behavior.


As long as this app is open, it will automatically listen to cat sounds in the environment. It currently is able to distinguish between meows, purrs, and general cat sounds.


While iCloud is enabled, all cat sound records will automatically synchronize between all of your devices.


I built this app in an afternoon to count how often our beloved Karlsson meows in a day.

Support / Feedback / Contact

If you need direct contact to the developer, you can send an email to I welcome feedback and like to help with any problems.
Built with ❤️ by Lucas and Karlsson.